WG1-Methods & tools

This Working Group should tackle statistical problems, which are methods and tools that can be used for passenger and vehicle surveys. From the work achieved in this WG, the Action will report all best practices for the different areas to be undertaken in survey methodologies (sampling, weighting, etc.). This WG will develop a generic methodology enabling the combination of multiple sources for transport and mobility related information (including, for example, conventional mobility surveys as well as new sources of data such as trace data from personal and vehicle tracking systems based on GPS, GSM and related technologies) in a coherent and statistically rigorous way. This process will allow producing enhanced indicators of mobility at urban, regional, national and European levels. The developed methodology will address both the semantic issues associated with combining multiple sources of data (i.e., accommodating differences in the definition of key variables and differences in measurement practices across different data sources) and the statistical issues associated with the representation of the different sources of uncertainty affecting each data source and their correct propagation into final estimates.